Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How to Play Bingo

Look at an example of a bingo card, its layout, size and general feel. Make sure you understand the goal of the game and how that can be achieved. To wit, a number between 1 and 90 is called by the casino. A player who has the number on his or her card may mark it off. By getting the required configuration on the card, you win.
A bingo book includes six pages. The pages include all numbers 1-90. Playing all is like playing six games simultaneously. Moreover, every number called would need to be marked. Make sure you can follow so much action, or if you're better following one, two, maybe three cards.
The card: Bingo cards have 15 numbers on them each, in three rows (3X5). By marking a whole row, you form a line. This may sometimes be enough to win. Other games require two lines be marked, which is achieved simply by marking two lines across the card. A full house is marking off all the numbers on the card.
Choose a website that offers bingo games. Register to the site and sign in once you have an account.
Choose what bingo game you want to play, as they differ slightly in looks, skill level, the formation to be marked on the card, and the level of players also playing the game.
According to the options supplied by the gaming website of choice, pick the mode to play - free, for points or for real money.
Prepare to call out bingo when the numbers called out and the markings on your card form the winning formation.


  • Most sites will allow for multiple bingo games, playing with more than one card, which increases the chance of winning, but is harder to follow.
  • Each game of online bingo has a different initial bet. Some bingo cards are a few cents only, while others can be higher in value. Check the buy-in cost before playing the game.
  • Acquaint yourself with the software used at the bingo game of your choice. It might be assumed that all bingo games online look the same and therefore are the same. But trying a preview game before actually playing will help assure that you do not click the wrong button or miss out on a bingo opportunity.


  • Although bingo is not a standard online casino game, instead offered on bingo-dedicated sites, not on a "virtual" casino floor, the recommendation to wager small sums before joining the big time players is still in place.

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