Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How to Play Slots

Choose the kind of slots you want to play
There are 2 main slot games categories; straight slot games and progressive slot games. Straight slot games refer to those that have a fixed cash amount or prize, and progressive slot games refer to many slot machines connected up so that the jackpot will gradually grow according to the amount of coin people gamble. The straight slot games will always display on the "pay table" what is available to be won. Other minor slot game categories include:
  • Classic Slots - 3 reels of symbols, and 1 payline (the row of winning combination symbols)
  • 5 Reel Slots - 5 reels of symbols, and a payline that varies between different games
  • Multi Payline Slots - multiple ways of forming winning combinations, for example, horizontally between reels, vertically, and diagonally.
  • Multi Spin - playing more than 1 slot game at a time on a single screen.
  • Fruit Machines - this refers to the actual symbols appearing on the reels, yet fruit machines are today more commonly known as those that offer "hold" and "nudge" features, which are designed to let you influence the spinning of the wheels.

Learn the Pay Table
The pay table, which appears alongside every slots game, explains what symbol combinations you need to spin in order to win, how much money you will receive for each combination, and how many coins to insert in order to be eligible to claim the major prize or jackpot. The minimum bet for online slots is always $1 (making it especially suited to beginners), and ranges through to $15. Basically, the more coins you gamble each spin, the more you will be paid out if you win. Usually, you must gamble the maximum bet allowed in order to be able to win the jackpot.

Make your bet
This is a simple process of clicking on the amount of coins you would like to wager (either $1, $3, $5, or $10 in most cases). To change the amount of coins you have wagered, simply click on another amount. The other betting options sometimes available are: 
  • Bet One - changes the amount of coins you wager per spin.
  • Bet Max - automatically bets 3 times the amount you have already chosen.

Take you winnings appropriately
When you have decided to quit, it is important you make sure you have received all you remaining funds and winnings. Do so by clicking on the "cash out" or "cashier" option, which will return your funds to your online account, and add to it your winnings since the time you have started playing.


  • Try changing the amount of your bet from time to time.
  • By playing at the maximum bet available, you will be more likely to win and more likely to win the major prize, which is why this bet is always recommended.


  • If a slot does not pay up after 3-5 maximum coin spins, move on to another game.

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