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Saipan could see second casino

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Saipan could see second casino

A report in the Marianas Variety newspaper has indicated that Saipan could potentially be a target for a second casino project following the mammoth-sized Imperial Palace. With a little bit of luck, and some prudent planning, the casino development will hopefully be a lot smoother than what has been seen with Imperial Pacific.

Saipan could see second casino (hopefully minus the Imperial Pacific drama)Yusho Oki of Japan-based Paraisu Corp., apparently met with Saipan Mayor David Apatang. Apatang said that the businessman was somewhat elusive on what his plans are, but added that he will be making a return visit in August to discuss the possibilities in more detail. Oki did specify, however, that he was considering a casino in Saipan and the neighboring island of Rota, about 46 miles north of Guam.

Apatang told the newspaper that Oki is also possibly interested in creating business relationships between the American territory and select cities in Japan. The idea is to boost tourism while highlighting cultural and student exchange programs. The mayor added, “That’s why it’s important to keep our island clean so visitors will keep on coming.”

If the offering is legitimate (a cursory search could not find any records of Paraisu Corp. in Japan) and a second casino comes to Saipan, developers need to be prepared to have the project in order. Imperial Palace construction has been fraught with numerous delays, lawsuits, bribe allegations and more. Although it was originally expected to open in August, the casino developer, Imperial Pacific International, has requested an extension that would possibly see the operations begin to open in December.

In order to try and make up for lost time, Imperial Pacific has proposed putting on a night crew to keep construction going virtually around the clock. It has also brought in additional personnel from the Philippines, 600 in total, to assist with the construction and to meet contractual employment requirements.

Once open, the Imperial Palace will be a true luxury integrated resort, providing more than 200 gaming tables, around 350 slot machines and a 14-story hotel. A beach and a night club are also planned, and the resort will offer a variety of gastronomical options, including Western and Asian upscale and casual restaurants.

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